Community Center Information

To inquire about available dates, please call the Village Office at 608-435-6666


Full Day Use: $400.00 plus deposit.

Deposit required of $200.00 at time of reservation which includes 3 hours of cleaning, any additional cleaning will be taken out of the deposit @ $30.00 an hour, remaining amount will be returned to renter.

Private Parties:  Wedding Reception, Class Reunion, Graduation /Birthday/Anniversary, Business Meetings, Funerals. 

Half Day Use (Four Hours): $200.00 plus deposit

Deposit required of $200.00 at time of reservation which includes 3 hours of cleaning, any additional cleaning will be taken out of the deposit @ $20.00 an hour, remaining amount will be returned to renter.

Non-profit Organizations:                                                                                                                          


All non-profit organizations must clean the facility before returning the keys.

 Activities, Supervision, Etc.

  1. Smoking is prohibited.
  2. Sitting or standing on tables or standing on chairs is prohibited.
  3. Chairs and tables may not be removed from the premises.
  4. Facility will be rented as is; furnishings and fixtures will not be moved.
  5. Facility must be vacated and locked by a pre-determined time.
  6. The person in charge must be 18 years of age for any activity. 
  7. It shall be the responsibility of the renter to obtain any necessary permits or licenses required, and to abide by all state laws, as well as all Village ordinances, resolutions, and policies.
  8. A Village of Wilton Police Officer or Village Employee shall have the right to enter the premises at any time.
  9. The Village of Wilton is not responsible for any articles left, lost, or stolen on the rented premises.
  10. The Village of Wilton shall not be liable for any injuries, death or property damages arising out of the use by the renter of the Community Center and the renter agree to hold the Village harmless.
  11. Chaperones are required for any civic or social activity where minors are present.

 Decorations, Music, Beer

  • Decorations are permitted in the Community Center.
  • Renter can decorate the day before the event if there are no reservations made.
  • Music is permitted outside of the Community Center facility with approval by the Village Board.
  • A temporary Class “B” Picnic Beer license must be approved by the Village board prior to the event if the beer is being sold.  Only “bona fide” clubs, fair associations or agricultural societies, churches, lodges, or societies that have been in existence for at least six months, and to veterans’ organizations. (Definition) “Bona fide” as authentic, genuine, done or made in good faith, without deception or fraud.  “Club” is defined as a group of people organized for a common purpose, especially a group that meets regularly.
  • An individual with an operator’s license / temporary license must be always on the premises when the beer is being sold and consumed.
  • If event was organized by invitation and the beer is given away (free), the picnic Class “B” Picnic Beer license is not required.  The renter is responsible for the activities that take place.
  • Operator’s license must be purchased at the Village office.
  • No glass bottles are allowed.
  • No candles are allowed in the facility (Wisconsin Administrative Code)

 Clean-Up (Gym-Hallway-Bathrooms-Kitchen)

  1. Activities must be over, and the facility vacated and locked within a pre-determined time.
  2. Responsibility of renter to:
    1. Wipe, clean and dry all tables and chairs (if used)
    2. Put all bagged garbage in gray container provided and recycling in bins provided.
    3. Recycling and Garbage should be separated.
    5. All food must be removed.
    6. All decorations are to be removed.
    7. All lights are to be turned off.
    8. All doors should be closed and properly locked.
    9. All chairs/tables should be placed on the racks provided and stored under stage/storage room-neatly.
  3. The renter agrees to pay for additional damages from misuse of the Center.

(Example:  broken chairs, tables, items missing, etc.)