Garbage & Recycling

Pick Up Days

Trash Pick Up is every Friday

Recycling Pick up is every other Friday.

To ensure pick up, have garage on curb or in the alley by 7:00am Friday morning. 


Tote Cost

Garbage totes are $11.50 per month and reflect on your water/sewer bill. Large or additional totes are available for $4.00 more/tote. 


Large Items

Large Item stickers for couches, mattresses, chairs, tables, etc., are $4.00 and can be purchased at Village Hall, Hardware Hank or Main Street Market. Large items can then be placed in the alley or curb after the Village Office is notified @ 608-435-6666 or



Appliance Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall. Items will be picked up by Village Personnel upon purchase and placement of the sticker. The item to be picked up should be left in the alley for Village personnel. 

  • Tv/Electronics - $25.00
  • Appliances (Stove, Washer, Dryer) - $20.00
  • Freon Units - $35.00
  • Tires $5.00/Tire